Nadiem Makarim exhorts Indonesian teachers improve their teaching techniques

Indonesia’s Education and Cultural Affairs Minister Nadiem Makarim called on all teachers to make slight changes in efforts to transform the country’s educational sector.

Nadiem made this statement at the commemoration of the National Teachers’ Day on November 25. He tasked every teacher in the state to make slight changes in their teaching methods.

Makarim, who was recently appointed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, had promised to rebuild the country’s education sector. He had also expressed his commitment to restructuring then reviving the education system.

Nadiem Makarim demand from the teachers includes:

  • Stimulate class discussion, not only listening.
  • Give a chance for students to teach in class.
  • Initiate a social project that involves all class members.
  • Find talent in students who are lacking confidence.
  • Offer help to teachers who are in need.

The former CEO of Gojek asked the teachers to enact these demands as it would improve the learning and development of the students.

Nadiem after making his demand added reassuring words saying:

I won’t make promises I cannot keep. Change is a difficult thing and full of discomfort. However, one thing that I can be sure of is that I will fight for the freedom of education in Indonesia.

He added that enabling students to initiate social programmes would boost their confidence and help them find their talents. Nadiem further encouraged the teachers to offer help to their colleagues who were in need.

He then explained that his ministry intends to change the existing paradigm and vows to rebuild, restructure and revive the Indonesia education ministry.

Teachers’ Union response

Nadiem’s speech caught the public attention, thereafter it went viral on social media.

The Federation of Indonesian Teachers Union (FSGI) issued a response to his speech urging Nadiem to issue a directive that would protect teachers.

Heru Purnomo, the FSGI secretary-general said the minister’s speech on the National Teachers’ Day was controversial, biased, and contradictory.

The Minister first praised the teachers and acknowledged the fact they are in the constraint but went further to criticize their teaching skills by asking them to make slight changes to their teaching methods.

Heru added that asking for changes in teachers was not enough but putting regulations that suit them as well will enhance their effectiveness.

Public reaction to Minister Nadiem Makarim speech

Many Twitter users claimed to have restored their faith in the Indonesian education sector after reading Nadiem’s speech.

Many criticized while @Annidannz1 expressed her love for the Minister’s speech in a post on Twitter: