Nashville schools won’t reopen in August, contrary to schools previous statement

Nashville schools won’t reopen in August, contrary to their previous resolution. The school previously allowed students to return to school under specific health guidelines but have now rescinded their decisions for the safety of the students in general. According to the school, students would continue with online education.

Nashville schools won’t reopen in August to improve online learning

With the safety of our students and staff in mind, we have decided against resuming school on August 4. We have decided to provide students with an improved online learning platform until around Labour Day.

According to earlier reports, schools allowed parents to return their children to school starting August 4 or opt for learning via their online platform. 

However, with the coronavirus’s infection rate not abating soon enough and going by the school’s official announcement, then Nashville schools won’t reopen in August.

According to the letter sent to individual families through the Director of the Schools, Adrienne Battle, it said that the decision was a hard one for the school to make. Still, in light of not risking their well being, they have decided to continue with the virtual learning process.

Mayor says schools decision is right for the city

According to a post by the school on Facebook, they would make online learning improved significantly from last year. The schools note that some of the improvements that would be made compared to the previous year are to get gadgets to all students in the school.

Even though this decision is a tough one to take, we want to follow the social norms, which is social distancing and eliminate the threat of infections among our students when they resume.

Health authorities around Nashville said they registered about 688 new cases with deaths just a minimal eight compared to previous weeks. Tennessee still has the record for the most number of cases, which is around 2500.

With Nashville already witnessing a surge in the number of infections, according to John Cooper, the Mayor of Nashville, the spread might be further curbed as Nashville schools won’t reopen in August.