Nathan Law exits Hong Kong as a safety measure

The report on popular student activist Nathan Law exits Hong Kong is no longer surprising as it is the only judicious move to safeguard his safety.

On a Facebook post, Nathan Law notes that the conditions in the city necessitated his departure. The student activist was said to have testified against the unfavorable security law imposed on China’s city after he was called upon at a United States Congressional hearing.

Furthermore, he said that he will continue to advocate for the city from abroad and won’t allow the fact that he had left the country to deter him.

Nathan Law exits Hong Kong after testifying in the U.S Congress

Quoting his Facebook post, the student activist said,

As an activist that is exposed to what is going on around the globe, I have different choices to choose from; either I stay quiet about your plight in the city or to keep fighting for a better Hong Kong by letting the world know what the chinses authorities are planning. I have decided to bring our plight to the world’s attention, even though this decision is a hard one, I made it after agreeing to testify at the U.S Congress.

Nathan Law also told reporters that he was not ready to give up his present location because he is still assessing the risks. The recent law targets activities and all forms of protest against the government. Furthermore, the law has threatened foreign powers that might try to intrude to revert the code.

Lawbreakers face a lengthy jail term, student activist says

Last week Thursday, the Hong Kong government warned protesters that were brandishing the “Liberate Hong Kong” banner that the new law would deal with them. 

The government noted that the new law views such acts as an act of trying to gain independence, termed a criminal offense. The police were said to have incarcerated about 360 persons across the city for acts of protest, with about 10 of them displaying anti-government banners and fliers.

Police also reported that some of the suspects were sharing fliers across the city to create awareness for a protest that is about to happen.

With the new law in place, any offender caught might serve a lengthy sentence in jail, the student activist said. Continuing in his statement, Law noted that he was scared for the people in the city as they have now taken away their freedom.

Law has been an active student activist since he first appeared in the media for questioning government officials. He would have been the youngest lawmaker in the country but was disqualified after failing to take the oath of office properly. This current fact of Nathan Law exits Hong Kong is just another part of this saga.

UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters during a Geneva news briefing:

We are alarmed that arrests are already being made under the law with immediate effect.

Hundreds have been arrested and at least 10 charged since it went into effect on Wednesday, he said.

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