National Guard: A woman’s journey from war to education

Over the last ten years, veterans and current members of the National Guard have taken more than 200,000 credits, saving them a huge fortune to coverup their education. 

A cumulative effort by various colleges and universities in the state of Minnesota helps almost 10,000 members and veterans of the US Army. One of them is Jessica who took her courses with 4 different colleges with credits.

Jessica Woratschka joined Minnesota National Guard back in 2017. She was in middle to her education at Minnesota State University, when she dropped out. As a daughter of a single mother and one of the three siblings, the budget was not on her side. So she got herself a job at a hotel and then joined the prestigious National Guard.

Amongst all this, Jessica was determined that she will go back to school one day or the other, no matter the circumstances. She had always aspired to be a teacher.

Still serving the National Guard alongside her school

Serving as a National Guard soldier, Jessica took various courses from colleges and universities to continue with her education worth 19 credits. She is still a corporal at the Minnesota National Guard along with being a student now at her school, in her sophomore year, studying elementary education.

However, it is never easy to get accustomed to the new college life after two years of service. The change, the atmosphere is totally new and different. Jessica has been spending her time in the maintenance unit in a war zone in Kuwait and now she finds in uneasy to be in a less structured system.

Other colleagues of Jessica, who have served for the country also find it difficult to adjust, but such initiatives by the state help veterans with their lives after their service.