Nationwide local elections in France will push through amid COVID-19 outbreak

The French government will still push through with the nationwide local elections this Sunday, despite the impending threat of the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 outbreak in France

French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged the immense threat that the COVID-19 virus brings. In an announcement yesterday, he described the COVID-19 virus as the most serious medical health crisis that has ever hit France for the past century. France already recorded 61 deaths and almost  2,900 people positive of the COVID-19 virus.

Class suspensions

In line with the pre-emptive measures initiated by the government to contain the spread of the virus, all classes are suspended indefinitely in all parts of France. Preparatory, primary, secondary, and college levels will not resume classes until the suspension is lifted.

Elderly are advised to stay at home

The President also mandated that people over 70-years-old should stay at home and refrain from going out in public. At this age, they are more susceptible to acquiring the virus from going out in public places.

Nationwide local elections is still a go

On the other hand, the nationwide local election in France is scheduled for Sunday. The President announced that there would be no postponement of elections. Macron consulted politics experts on the matter, and they came up with a realization that French people couldn’t be contained and to not cast their vote on this election

Since we cannot stop the French people from casting their votes this coming Sunday, the government would like to remind everyone to practice precautionary measure in preventing the spread of the infection by constant sanitizing.

The local government is already preparing sanitary precautions such as hand sanitizers at the polling stations for the nationwide local election.

Staying at home

Those who suffer from respiratory health issues, handicaps, and chronic illnesses are the ones who are highly encouraged to stay at home. As mentioned by the President, it is highly unlikely to control people from getting out despite the risk of contamination. But, if the purpose of getting in contact with other people only involves socializing and not acquiring basic needs, then it is advised to refrain from doing it at the time being.

For business establishments that can operate remotely, the government pushes for a work from home policy to limit the exposure to possible infection from traveling to work.


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