Native attendee nixes Warren’s education reforms

Brooke Johnson, a member of the Mohicans, asserted that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s approach on education reforms was flawed as it did not considerably address educational issues affecting the natives.

This was during a Native American Presidential Forum 2019 held in Sioux, Iowa, where Senator Warren asserted offered educational reforms for universal childcare and pre-k (pre-kindergarten or a classroom-based preschool program for children below the age of five).

Part of her statement stipulates:

The second thing I want to do is provide universal childcare, universal pre-k and raise the wages of every childcare worker and teacher in this country. That’s true for Native children, it’s true for all of our children.

Native students’ issue

The presidential forum in Iowa involved four Democratic presidential hopefuls whereby they spoke with various organizations and tribes. 

Sen. Warren elaborated her commitment in ensuring that more resources were availed to native students as this will propel their success rates. 

Some of her proposed reforms included using a two-cent tax to fund her plans, as well as making universities, tribal colleges, and technical schools tuition-free. 

She also proclaimed that student-loan debt would be closed whereas pell grants expanded. 

Warren believes these ideologies could be instrumental in presenting incredible educational opportunities to the Indian Country.  

Native learners viewed as worst test-takers

Johnson specified that Native American students between kindergarten and college are known to perform poorly as statistics reveal they are the worst test-takers. 

She emphasized that the main problem is a curriculum whose worthiness has declined among the native community. 

Johnson asserts that these are issues that presidential candidates such as Sen. Warren ought to address as this would make them win native votes overwhelmingly. 

On the other hand, some Native Americans like Joye Braun, who is a member of Indigenous Environmental Network, believe Warren’s commitment towards tribal colleges is outstanding.

Braun stipulated that the senator’s objective of eradicating student debt was instrumental to Native Americans as this would enhance their living standards. 

The issues raised by Native Americans concerning the education system is happening at a time when civics education has been stipulated to be in a crisis in present-day America. Moreover, a debate on whether free college should be supported or not is happening.