New guidelines for Unlock 4 still excludes reopening of schools and colleges

The government has released new guidelines for Unlock 4, schools and colleges still not allowed to reopen.

New guidelines for Unlock 4 left out schools and colleges from reopening

The situation of COVID-19 in India has now reached an alarming level, with more than five million reported cases, and 83,230 deaths, the Indian government is having a hard time flattening the curve. What is more disturbing is that the daily cases are still in the tens of thousands with recent data showing successive 90, 000 recorded daily cases.

Since the lockdown started in March, many establishments and institutions have rescinded. A lot of businesses and investments have been bankrupted. Schools have been shut down, leaving students on the loose ends, waiting for confirmation on when classes shall resume. Recently, as its way to revive its economy, Unlock 4 was implemented. It is a step-by-step approach to how establishments in the country can slowly gain back revenue and contribute to the economy.

Apart from the economy, education has also has been a major concern during this pandemic. Up until the new guidelines for Unlock 4 presented by the government, there was no mention about schools and colleges be allowed to reopen again. This is not a welcoming development for the education sector as it translates into an extended setback on the progress of the country’s education system. This is despite the ongoing online learning in India. Education experts can attest that online learning has not been that effective in delivering the needed education to the students.

Since Unlock 4 has been utilized, here is the list of allowed institutions to operate:

  • Metro Rail Services
  • Gatherings limited to a max of 100 people.
  • Open-air theatres
  • School operations for teaching and non-teaching staff in areas outside of containment zones
  • Social and Mental assistance for students inside school premises (restricted to areas outside of containment zones)

The list of restricted facilities included in the new guidelines for Unlock 4:

  • Closed cinemas, public recreational parks, swimming pools, and public establishments with limited spaces for social distancing
  • Schools and Colleges are not allowed to conduct physical classes
  • No international air travels, unless approved by the MHA
  • Age restrictions: Ages 10 and below and 65 above are not allowed in Malls and other public establishments