New quantum computers developed by D-Wave company

Canadian company D-Wave releases a new quantum computer out in the market, named “Advantage.”

“Advantage”, a new quantum computer ingenuity

A quantum computing company from Canada, D-Wave, has released its new quantum computer, showcasing 5,000 qubits and fifteen-way qubit connectivity, they call it the “Advantage.” According to the company, it is the newest and so far the most powerful quantum computer ever developed. History-wise, the company has its reputation as the first-ever to explore the functionalities of quantum computers and its application to various institutions.

On top of the “Advantage” computer, D-Wave also debuted its start-up program named “Launch”. The program is set to help businesses come up with their own system that is supported by quantum computing. “Launch” goes hand-in-hand with “Advantage” to create a more efficient system for businesses analyzing huge chunks of data.

D-Wave boasts the functionality of “Advantage” as far more advanced compared to its competition. Take IBM or Google, for example, their computing capability is only at 100-qubit, a huge difference from the 5000-qubit of “Advantage.” Some of D-Wave’s satisfied clients are big names such as Volkswagen, who is using quantum computing in its car painting system; Save-On-Foods uses quantum computing to efficiently supervise and manage all its grocery chains all across the states, and several App developing companies that specialize in Business applications are also enjoying the perks of quantum computing.

The Canadian company assures its consumers that despite the increase in qubit performance, a highly synchronize computing system, and a newer platform, the company will still seek to improve and achieve better heights when it comes to quantum computing for businesses and other institutions.