The Union of New York City Principals disagrees with De Blasio’s school reopening plans

The Union that embodies the New York City Principals is protesting on Mayor De Blasio’s set plan for the resumption of classes, citing it has many flaws, especially in the workforce available.

New York City Principals ask more workforce

Mark Cannizzaro, head of the  Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, the Union representing the New York City Principals, expresses his disappointment over the miscommunication in assuring that the resumption of classes for all levels in New York state is well placed. Cannizzaro is asking the Department of Education of the state of New York to arbitrate between the school principals and administrators, and the local government. More than a million students are expected to show up as classes reopen.

Based on the consensus of the union, the lack of workforce including teachers and school staff is a big problem that has yet to be addressed by now. This issue has been cited already by the New York City Principals for months now, yet no aid was given by the local government, and now they are fast-pacing the reopening of schools.

Despite the indifferences in opinion, there will be no strikes or walkouts happening on our end. We value the impact it may cause the students, and we don’t want to happen. However, we do hope that actual help will be provided and not just plain guidelines and mandates.

Preparatory and children with special needs were the first to return into mixed learning, a combination of face-to-face and online learning. Today marks the return of elementary students into class. High school students on Thursday.

Aside from the lack of teachers and school staff, New York City Councilor Mark Treyger also noted the intermittent internet connection in certain areas of the city which makes online learning more difficult than expected.