Nigeria state governor schedules talks on improving the special education budget

The governor for the Kwara state in Nigeria has prompted civil servants to take part in a meeting, to have a discussion of the state’s budget for special education. Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq claimed that there is an increasing need for the government and beneficiaries to spend more money on special education.

This proposal for a meeting comes soon after the governor visited a special needs school in Kwara and spoke to teachers and parents about what the school needs to continue to function. According to the Governor, this school is one of the most important educational institutions in the area as it is one of the few places where children with special learning need can get an education. 

Unfortunately, the educational system in Nigeria is not flourishing, and according to reports, there are schools where there is no electricity, and students cannot read during darker hours. In order to battle this tendency, and to show support for learners with special educational needs, Governor AbdulRazaq is scheduling meetings all over the state. 

The state of special education around the world

There is an encouraging trend going around the world, and special education gets more recognition. Countries like the Philippines and the United States have recently introduced upgraded special education policies, in order to boost the support for students with such learning needs. 

Governor AbdulRazaq’s decision to turn the focus towards special education is commendable, as the development of such social initiatives speaks for the overall development of the country as well. While it takes more effort to provide education to students with special learning needs, this does not mean that they deserve this knowledge less than others.