No human rights abuse in Xinjiang, says Chinese Ambassador to Australia

On a rare press conference, the Chinese Ambassador to Australia denies human rights abuse in Xinjiang.

No human rights abuse in Xinjiang

AUSTRALIA – Thursday, in a rare press conference, Chinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye denied accusations of human rights abuse in Xinjiang. The Ambassador reiterates that what they have in Xinjiang are vocational training schools offering deradicalization programs and not detention camps.

Allegations of one million people being held captive in Xinjiang is purely fake news.

Training schools, not detention camps

According to Cheng, “trainees” who underwent the de-radicalization process at training schools in Xinjiang already graduated from the program.

With the assistance of the local government, trainees from the centres have completed their training and now gradually getting back to society and find steady earning jobs.

For the past two years, the mass camps in Xinjiang has been a target of numerous allegations of human rights abuse.

Xinjiang is a populated region found in the Western part of China. It is home to many diverse Muslim-related ethnicities. 

There are several instances of tension between Muslim groups and the local Han Chinese that resulted in violence and terror attacks.

Fake news

Based on the information from the US State Department, around two million Uyghurs along with other Muslim ethnic minorities have been taken into camps for political education.

Despite the continuous denying from the Chinese government side, international media continues to release a series of leaks contradicting China’s predicaments.

Beijing claims that these centers are just being used for vocational training and deradicalization, and trainees admitted to the centers are free to leave any time they want.

On December 10, Cheng announced that all original trainees from the centers already graduated.

According to Xinjiang regional chairman Shohrat Zakir,

For now, the Xinjiang training centres are serving a different purpose. Vocation training for farmers and herdsmen are being offered at the centre for additional skills learning.

It is often rare that Chinese diplomats accept press conference for international media but under repeated question, Ambassador Cheng clearly stated the following,

What is happening in Xinjiang does not involve human rights abuse. China’s approach to preventing terrorism is no different from Western countries.

Despite being known as a firm believer of communism, China has continued to practice freedom of religious belief and other rights in ethnic groups residing in Xinjiang.


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