No physical reporting for teachers and school staff according to DepEd

The Department of Education urged district heads that no physical reporting for teachers and school staff should be strictly followed.

No vaccine means no physical reporting for teachers

The Department of Education clarified the provisions on the department’s memorandum released on the 22nd of June. The agency clarified that running in optimal work capacity does not translate into full physical reporting for all public teachers nationwide. The DepEd reminded its district officials regarding the provisions included in the memorandum on the no physical reporting for teachers scheme.

In the memorandum, the Work from Home option for teachers is acceptable and encouraged for teachers belonging to the category listed below:

  • Ages below 21 years old and above 60 years old
  • Pregnant
  • immunocompromised
  • existing health conditions that contribute to virus vulnerability
  • residents from high-risk areas
  • areas with strict quarantine and curfew protocol

The DepEd recognizes the difficulty and health risk of the following for physical reporting. The agency wants to ensure that the welfare and safety of its employees are being prioritized.

In addition, schools allowing physical reporting should ensure that Safe to Work protocols are strictly followed.

For schools that served as quarantine facilities will not be allowed to resume physical reporting not until the area has been sanitized and approved fit to operate by the local health agency.

District officials not following the memorandum

The Teacher’s Dignity Coalition (TDC) calls out the DepEd to look into the district and school officials that do not follow the provisions for the no physical reporting for teachers under certain conditions.

There are some cases in some areas that school officials oblige its teachers to report physically even if they belong to the list by DepEd which are excluded for physical reporting.

At this pandemic, life and health safety of everyone should be a priority, more importantly, the lives of our front liners and educators.