Nursing students in California to get their degrees despite COVID-19 crisis

Several nursing students in California were left deserted during the COVID-19 pandemic which forced hospitals to shut down their hands-on training program, which is an important aspect of graduation. This was done in order to limit the spread of the virus which has affected more than 1.1 million people across the globe. However, the regulators have come up with a way that would help the students in completing their degrees.

Almost 10,000 nursing students in California were left puzzled about their future. However, students who were about to finish their graduation will be able to complete half of their requirement of hands-on training by lab training and using simulations. Earlier, these two aspects were counted as a quarter of the required training experience. The decision was made by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

Nursing students in California eager to join the workforce

These students were very close to joining the workforce, especially when the state of California needs them the most during this global pandemic. So far, the state has reported more than 12,500 cases, out of which 285 have been deceased.

Kimberly Kirchmeyer, the director of DCA revealed that it was required to dismiss these graduation requirements considering the needs of the current health system of the state. This will let the students graduate normally and they can join the workforce as soon as possible.

Other states like New York have already devised a similar plan, allowing nursing students to use stimulations that can help the students experience nursing operations like childbirth. The remaining states of the country have also decided to loosen up the stringent rules considering the requirement of the nursing staff in the hospitals.

Nursing students were in left in a transfix for more than a month but finally, they see a ray of hope to complete their degrees.