Online cybersecurity course opens at Hood College

Hood College, one of the most renowned names in higher education in the United States, has started offering online cybersecurity courses.

In an official press release, a representative from Hood College explained that online cybersecurity courses would become an essential part of the higher education landscape in the Washington area, as more experts are needed in this field. 

According to recent statistics, for the past ten years, there has been an increase by more than eleven percent (11.3%) in the number of open job positions in the cybersecurity sector. Experts in the field predict that the number of cybersecurity jobs will increase by another ten percent (10%).

Online cybersecurity courses are the future

In recent weeks there have been numerous cases of cyberattacks against educational institutions in the United States. There is now a global trend of cybercrime targeting the databases of schools and universities. 

One of the most prominent examples is the recent attack on the centralized administration system that all public schools in Alabama use. The malware attack was so severe that officials had to delay the start of the school year twice

As such attacks begin to happen more often, more companies and institutions will be looking to protect themselves. Consequently, there will definitely be a rise in demand for educated and skilled cybersecurity specialists. 

Hood College’s decision to start offering online cybersecurity courses was influenced by this prognosis for the future, and it aims to prepare highly-skilled graduates, who will be able to protect their employers from cyberattacks.