Online programs increased enrollments at Illinois College

Online programs have emerged to be appealing to students at Illinois College as the enrollments at the College have reached a record high. 

Illinois College has become more innovative by increasing the number of online programs it is offering. Some of the new areas covered include business management, agribusiness, and nursing.

Online programs to meet the set goals

According to Amy Jones, the spokeswoman at Illinois College, the online programs have been developed in such a way that they are expected to attain the set objectives for the first year. 

The launching of the three programs was announced in March so that they could meet the interests of different students. 

The online programs have received incredible support. 

For instance, a $25,000 grant was availed by Passavant Area Hospital in supporting the online registered nurse (RN) to bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program. 

The founding director of the Illinois College nursing program, Pamela Brown, asserted that the first group began in May. She also noted that the number of students joining the online program was growing and this was outstanding. 

Good feedback about online programs

Brown noted that they expected the number of students enrolled in the online nursing program to rise to twenty (20) from the current five (5). 

She also affirmed that good feedback was being received from the learners, and this was encouraging. The online program was also progressing smoothly, as no technical problems were witnessed. 

Brown stated that the college administration was optimistic about the RN to BSN program based on the flexibility availed to learners. 

Additionally, it was not time-consuming because it could be completed in less than a year or at most two years depending, on the number of classes attended and a student’s college background.

On the other hand, online programs or e-learning have been made possible by technological innovations, such as the internet and cloud-based computing, making them enticing to prospective students. For instance, online blockchain education has emerged to be a new trend for universities.