Universities in the UK, urged to open more opportunities for disadvantaged students

Universities should open more opportunities for disadvantaged students to inspire others to do the same.

Open more opportunities for the less fortunate

During this pandemic, the educational gap in disadvantaged students is expected to widen even further and might cause an irreversible effect on their future.

British Conservative Party Politician, Michelle Donelan, spoke recently in a summit about the challenges disadvantaged students are experiencing out of this COVID-19 pandemic. The lawmaker reminded the audience that these disadvantaged students are not getting the needed support they need to cope up with their situation and proceed with their education.

In an attempt to deal with the educational gap in disadvantaged students, universities are called upon to open more opportunities by sponsoring small schools that are catering to disadvantaged students.

Donelan urged university councils and administrators to go the extra mile in inspiring other institutions to fight for these disadvantaged students at these crucial times.

They can sponsor small community schools that can cater to students in small communities. This will give these children a better foundation in their educational growth.

Not limiting aid to brilliant students

It is customary to schools and universities to sponsor students who are academically excellent when they get into college, in return, these students most likely bring great contribution to the name and reputation of the university they went in.

Donelan is urging universities to extend their help to lower grade levels, such as grade school and secondary school students. A solid background in their early years can open more opportunities for the students into their latter years.

Sponsoring schools, opening summer camps, and setting up adopted schools with high-standard curriculums are just a few ways universities can reach out and help disadvantaged students whose education is greatly affected during this pandemic.