Oregon passes law to give students mental health days off

A group of student activists has managed to convince the education regulatory body in Oregon to introduce a law, which will allow students to benefit from free of school days if they are experiencing mental health problems. 

According to students, schools must start recognizing the mental health issues pupils deal with every day. The new law outlines a plan to give students anywhere between two and five days off of school if they are having concerns about their mental health. These days off are cleared every three months, which means that students will be able to get about fifteen days off for the whole school year.

There is an increasing necessity for such action in Oregon, as this is one of the states with the highest rate of suicide among young adults. 

Oregon, a leader in mental health care

Educational bodies in Oregon are on the right track by accepting this new law, as mental health problems like depression and anxiety are taking over schools all over the world. 

South Korea is one of the places where there is almost a crisis among students, as mental health issues are on the rise. According to recent research, more than thirty percent of students in Korea have had suicidal thoughts, which is an extremely worrying statistic. 

Mental health among students is a severe issue, and Oregon is a pioneer in trying to adapt the laws on education to suit the needs of students in this regard. Hopefully, more institutions around the world will start recognizing the importance of mental health and find ways to aid students in their struggle.