Out-of-school Filipino youths to receive ₱1.9-B as aid from the US government

The US government has allocated funds that will go into helping Out-of-school Filipino youths. The project was announced by the US ambassador in the country.

The US government, in partnership with Philippines local government agencies such as the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), is launching a program that will target youths that have dropped out of school.

The program looks to net more than 180,000 young people who failed to proceed with their education for various reasons. The US embassy in the country said it would invest ₱1.9-B for the program which will go towards supporting these young people. They also indicated that it will be a long term project that will help the youths get a footing as they try to establish themselves.

Launching of the out-of-school Filipino youths program

The project was launched on Wednesday by the US ambassador in the country and indicated that it will run for 5 years. The project, which is dubbed as ‘Opportunity 2.0: Second-chance Opportunities for Out-of-school Youth’ will assist these young people to get an education, their livelihood and also help them secure employment through the opportunities that the program will provide.

The project is expected to partner with various organizations such as the local government and businesses. Among those who have been given a nod to partner with the US government in helping the youths includes over 2,200 employers and over 50 training institutions which are located in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Davao.

U.S. envoy Sung Kim, while talking about the partnership said, the partnerships they had been able to create would be leveraged for the benefit of the Filipino youths who had failed to complete the schools or unemployed.

He continued by saying that they will be able to instill the right attitude and skill to these youths, which are helpful for growth. In doing so, he added that the partnership will have helped the communities these youths came from and the economy of the Philippines to continue its growth.


Featured image by Pixabay