Oxford Union chamber assault: McGrath resigns after 45k petitions

The president of the Oxford Union, Brendan McGrath, has resigned after a blind Ghanaian student was kicked out of a debate event in Oxford.

His resignation comes days after a petition calling for his resignation was launched by the Oxford University Africa Society (OUAS). This petition was signed by over 45,000 people in a few days.

The only black member of the Oxford Union, Jeremy Bararia, amongst others (the union’s secretary, chief of staff, director of press and the director of operations, etc…) resigned in protest of the way Ebenezer Azamati was treated.

Bararia joined seven other Chamber Union officials in the demonstration for the resignation of the union president, who had accused the victim of violent misconduct before later dropping his complaint.

He wrote in a letter to the union president, Brendan McGrath, that he could no longer remain in the union if he remains in office as the president, stating McGrath possesses a low sense of morality and has no respect for persons of color and Africans.

His resignation on Monday brought the total number of executives that resigned to eight since the issue began.

McGrath issues an apology on Facebook

Mr. McGrath also faced a vote of no confidence which quickly accumulated about 150 signatures, the required amount for a vote for impeachment.

As earlier reported, Ebenezer Azamati, a Ph.D. student from Ghana, was manhandled and dragged out from the union debate by security guards. See the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krdRUGdBylg

The unpleasant incident, which was caught on video, provoked a protest calling for the Union president to resign over the “inhumane and shameful” treatment of the 25-year-old Ghanaian student.

A statement posted on the Oxford Union Facebook page by Brendan McGrath, on Tuesday, reads:

Fundamentally, it is the president’s job to ensure that every member feels welcome at the Oxford Union. This is a goal I have manifestly failed to reach. For all of my shortcomings and all of my mistakes, I apologise profusely and unqualifiedly.

Oxford Union Stance

The union had since tendered its unreserved apology to Mr. Ebenezer Azamati, after, withdrawing the charge of violent misconduct against him and reinstating him as a member.

Nwamaka Ogbonna, the president of the Oxford University Africa Society (OUAS), in an interview claims Mr. Azamati was innocent initially, stating she and her team will keep fighting till justice prevails and Azamati is compensated for damages.

See the original video: youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFD7BlSkqy0