Paid internship opportunities for students affected by Hong Kong university clashes

As the condition in Hong Kong is getting worse day by day, students have fleed from the college and university campus for their own safety. Thousands of Chinese and Taiwanese students have already left Hong Kong or are leaving. Amidst this crisis, many Chinese companies have offered these students internship opportunities with them.

These are some of the major companies in China, namely- TCL, Midea group, Fano Labs and Zhengjiang Univew are providing paid internships to these students. These companies primarily require developers, HR and administration officers, marketing officers as mentioned on their websites.

According to an advertisement on WeChat posted by Univew, the atmosphere of some universities in Hong Kong is not suitable for studying. To cover the loss of studies, internship opportunities are available in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Jinan, Tianjian, and Xi’an.

Internship opportunities at other organizations

A spokesperson for Fano labs reported that it has been a long time since students in Hong Kong have been enquiring about opportunities with the company. As of this moment, Fano Labs are contacting these students to discuss their internship opportunities. More details will be available soon on the website.

TCL in its advertisement has specially mentioned that the offer is only valid for Chinese students. However, other corporations have opened their offer to anyone, including Hong Kong students too.

The Midea Group has been very generous with its offer by providing internship pay along with covering travel costs, accommodation, and house supplies.

This came after government-supported organizations in Shenzhen said that they are willing to help Chinese students to leave the city safely. The Communist Youth League has also authorized mainland Chinese students to stay in their accommodation facilities for a week for free.

While these are some of the names, other companies such as HSBC are expected to join them by providing work-related opportunities to these students. Currently, Hong Kong houses more than 18000 international students in its eight state-funded universities.


Featured image from Pixabay.