Patriotism: fully geared soldiers rolls up past students’ assembly in China

A school in China had a creative way of instilling patriotism to their students by rolling fully-geared soldiers on military carriers on the first day of reopening. The video of the event went viral and received a lot of support from citizens who appreciated the move.

A dramatic moment was captured on video whereby an armored military carrier rolled past students on their first day of school after months of closure. The students were on their assembly, when the carrier made its way past them, with four soldiers inside the vehicle.

The soldiers then alighted from the armored military carrier fully geared and holding their weapons. Three schoolboys can also be seen on the carrier waving the Chinese flag as they move past the assembly where students were standing in a military-style formation.

Instilling patriotism

Local media reported that the video, which was already going viral in China was from the Eastern Province, Ningbo. The primary school indicated that they brought the Chinese military into the school to instill a sense of pride and patriotism in their students. Wangshengling primary school also indicated that the military vehicle was brought to the school to celebrate the reopening of schools, where hundreds of Chinese students were slowly getting back to schools after months of closure due to coronavirus.

The primary school said that it wanted to teach their students about their country’s national defense and patriotism, through a display of their military equipment.

On social media, Chinese citizens approved the move by the primary school, with the majority supporting the act of patriotism during the military exercise. One commenter on the video indicated that it was the right step to do for China, by instilling patriotism to children when they are still young. This would ensure that they live with these values for the rest of their lives being proud of the country they are from.

280 million students across China have already started returning back for in-person classes. Only one region has not fully managed their coronavirus spread, Xinjiang in north-west China, and they indicated that they will continue having online classes until they are able to manage the spread of the virus.


Featured image by Pixabay