Perks, no pay hike for teachers

As September has already begun, this has given a start to the much-anticipated Teachers’ Month campaign in the Philippines, which includes a giveaway of numerous perks, but not the much-anticipated pay hike for teachers in public schools.

The government’s plan throughout Teachers’ Month is to give away free fries, museum tickets with lower prices, and even in some cases, discounted sunglasses.

While this may be a good collection of perks, all that faculty members really want is a much-needed pay hike for teachers.

According to Leonor Briones, Education Secretary of the Philippines, the government’s decision to give away perks throughout Teachers’ Month was inspired by the teachers’ professional commitment to quality education in the era of technological development.

Will there be a pay hike for teachers?

While the government is trying to compensate teachers for their efforts and dedication, unions and professional organizations all over the country are furious with this Teachers’ Month reward policy.

According to union representatives, it is laughable that the government is trying to reward teachers with such gifts, while educators all over the country have been patiently waiting for a deserved pay hike for teachers in the public educational system.

To show their discontent with the way the bonus system during Teachers’ Month will be organized, members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) have gathered for protest actions to emphasize the need of a pay hike for teachers in public schools.

Non-governmental organizations are also speaking out against the lack of just legislation when it comes to welfare in the educational sector.

Unions are calling for a minimum of ten thousand Philippine pesos (P10,000) per month salary hike for all teachers around the country.

Teacher remuneration globally

The Philippines is not the only country struggling with providing just compensation to its educational professionals.

Recently, teaching assistants and staff members in the United Kingdom also expressed their concerns, as their salaries had not been given the same bump as those of other educators.

Teachers are a fundamental part of our society, and governments should find a way to make them feel rewarded for the hard work they do. The future of the world lies in the hands of these professionals, as they are setting the foundation for our children and their further development as individuals.