Personality is the key to interview success

According to recent research, more than seventy percent (70%) of employers base the outcome of interviews on the personality traits they detected in candidates. Considering this, personality is probably going to be the key to success in your next job interview.

According to the study, the character traits you show off during an interview are way more critical than other qualifications. Only about seventeen percent (17%) of respondents claimed that education is a top priority, while another seven percent (7%) said they base their decisions on appearance. 

What are the best personality traits to show off?

The most essential personality trait employers look for during an interview is your state of mind. If you show signs of extreme nervousness like fidgeting with your fingers or blocking when asked a question, your chances of getting the job drop drastically. 

Another important thing for employers is that you show what your best at, rather than just trying to explain. Bringing some support material like a collection of previous projects, or a detailed curriculum vitae (CV) describing your past experiences is always a good idea. Most importantly, you have to name specific capabilities, rather than remain general in your skills description.

A critical factor for employers is your honesty. You should aim to remain honest at all times, and not stretch the extent of your expertise. Not only that, but you should also welcome questions about areas where you wish to develop, as this shows your employers that you have the desire to develop, and know your weaknesses.

Should you prepare for an interview?

While there might be a gap between the professional skills you get from your education, and what your future employers are actually looking for, there are things you can do to prepare for your interview. 

First, go through your resume and polish it. Having a clear example of your past experiences is always a plus. 

Secondly, you should try and think of possible questions you are going to be asked, to prepare your answers.

Going to an interview without any preparation might inhibit you from showing your best personality traits.