Philippines DepEd to issue final results to learners despite the scrapping of Q4 exams

Philippines DepEd has laid a plan on how it will award missing marks for schools affected by the coronavirus lockdown in Manilla metropolitan. The school shut down was as a result of the president’s directive meant to curb the spread of the virus in the city.

Philippines Department of Education(DepEd) has assured anxious students and parents that they will get their final results. This comes after the government sent out a memo directing schools in some regions to close due to coronavirus. The school lockdown meant these students would not be able to do their fourth quarter exams which are needed in computing the final grade.

The Philippines DepEd directive

The DepEd said they had no problems with regions not affected by the lockdown directive. These schools will proceed with their quarter-four exams as planned. For the areas affected by this directive, DepEd said they had worked on a formula that would ensure the students would be able to get full results.

Education Secretary Leonor Briones said the exams taking place from March 16th to 20th would not be administered because of the Covid 19 threat. The closure is meant to address this crisis, which has engulfed the whole world.

President directive

President Duterte announced that classes around Manilla metropolitan area would be suspended. The area was single out as a hot spot for the disease. The DepEd followed up the directive and instructed the schools in the area to close immediately.

The schools are expected to be re-opened on April 14th after the area is cleared as a hotspot for coronavirus. The government has been vigilant in dealing with cases of the disease which has sent the world in disarray.

Awarding missing marks

The DepEd indicated that they would use classwork and school ratings to fill in the results of the missing marks from the schools affected. They indicated that they had worked on a formula that would ensure the marks are awarded fairly based on past classwork.

The Philippines has been hit hard by Covid 19, with more than 17 people dying from the disease. The country has also recorded 202 Covid 19 cases and is implementing measures to curb the spread of the disease. The government has emphasized the need for social distancing and is assisting people in doing just that by shutting crowded places that would further enhance the spread of the disease.


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