Poems With A Gambling Theme

Many forms of media out there use gambling as a source of inspiration or theme. Movies, TV shows and even books have encapsulated the act of gambling and then portrayed it for the viewer or reader to enjoy. But, believe it or not, there are also some excellent poems that cover the pastime and everything about it too, and they’re more than worth a read.

The Gambler – L G Mace

The Gambler, a poem by L G Mace, is an excellent read because it delves into the environments that punters gamble in and the vibe that is produced as a result. In the beginning, Mace, who is a member of the Academy of American Poets, takes readers on a journey back to the Wild Wild West, where she talks about saloons, whisky and card games. 

She then goes on to bring the story to the life of a gambler who played poker from sundown to sunset, with everything gathered around and embarking on the journey of ups and downs. Which, by the end, is revealed to be somewhat of a hoax as cheating was involved.


Roulette is one of the most popular games out there. But, for this protagonist, in a poem written by Robert William Service, it’s all about roulette and the immediate fear of losing all her money.

With a thousand francs to her name, the player makes the decision that if she does end up losing, she’s going to take her own life. She enters a trance-like state, only to be awoken by those around her, with the red she wagered on coming in ten times. She now has half a million francs and decides never to play again, citing God’s intervention for her luck.

No Fruit Machine Will Get The Better Of Me

Over the years, online slot games have become the staple of all casinos on the web, but it’s a fruit machine at a land-based venue that is the focus of this poem by Wayne Leon Learmond. Fruit machines, as everyone knows, are still hugely popular, with the sights and sounds very much drawing players in.

Learmond details how the flashing lights and colours draw him in to play and the adrenaline rush that comes into play as the reels turn, with a jackpot win being represented by a scream in delight. However, what Learmond also insists through his words is that even when the bankroll is low, he never panics, as no fruit machine will get the better of him.

The great gambling poems, such as those mentioned above, all take readers on a journey, be it to a time or event or even into someone’s thinking. And they all share important messages, too, in a quick and straight-to-the-point manner. They’re a must-read for anyone who’s into gambling, and there are plenty more out there, even from the same authors, with L G Mace certainly one to check out.

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