Postponing the reopening of schools created a cloud of mental health issues on parents

Postponing the reopening of schools till September, not helpful to a parent’s mental health.

Postponing the reopening of schools is a burden to parents

Parents are crying out loud for postponing the reopening of schools in the UK, which was initially set this June. In the new proposal from the government, September will most likely the target date to finally reopen schools in the UK.

Recently, there were reports in some parts of the UK which had an early reopening of schools that led to the transmission of the virus in some students. There was also an account where a student with a positive case of the COVID-19 attended a school club gathering in Lydney, days before the planned resume of classes in the Primary school.

The government is torn in coming up with a solid decision, as the side of the parents and teachers will be weighed accordingly.

Teachers are with the government in postponing the reopening of schools for the reason that the schools and its staff are not yet prepared to handle the return of students. School facilities need repairs and custom changes that would accommodate the modalities of social distancing in schools.

Effects on a parent’s mental health

European parents are not known to be too hands-on with their children out of the busy schedule at work. The normal routine is that children stay most of their time at school where teachers are the ones taking care of them as parents grind with their respective jobs.

With the pandemic, homeschooling and work from home have become a common scenario not just in the UK but along with the rest of the world. Parents get to spend more time with their children and have to deal with them physically every day.

Work from home affects the mental health of parents juggling work and looking after their children with their school homework and online learning lessons. Some parents are even at the breakpoint of depression, having difficulties managing time with work, house chores, and looking after the kids.

Parents are asking the government to find other ways to make things work, rather than postponing the reopening of schools until September. They fear they might handle the mental pressure and cause them to breakdown.