Poverty ties in education: Generations before someone dreams and escape

What is the impact of poverty on education? Poverty basically sucks off the ability of a person to be a part of a functioning society. 

The definition of poverty

There are different definitions of poverty, sometimes it’s just stereotyping from the people around us, an image portrayed by social media and the television, and maybe just how we access our stature in life.

Being caught up in this cycle of life is not that easy to break, it takes generations after generations before someone dreams big and thinks out of the box to escape the hardship.

The things we need in life mostly rotates on money, position, and fame. But, there is more to life than that, it can be social life, economic freedom, and political satisfaction.

The United Nations views poverty as a lack of capacity to make choices and receive opportunities. It basically sucks off the ability of a person to be a part of a functioning society. It also represents insecurity, the lack of power, and being segregated from society.

The effect in education

A student that belongs in a low-income family is typically less capable of deciding for their education. Opportunities for poor students are not as wide-scoped as compared to the middle to high earning families.

The underlying effect of being segregated is that disappointments can easily develop and character development will be largely affected. Students belonging to low-income families must study harder in order to avail opportunities that will help them go into college.

Landing a decent earning job is the first step in staying away from poverty. But, in order to be in a decent paying job, a good educational background is a must. This is where dedication and commitment to come out of a tight situation come into play.

Thriving hard in school to avail of scholarship grants in college needs heavy dedication and sacrifice. Students in poverty also battle stress and self-doubt most of the time, a hurdle for some, but a good source of motivation for those who are strong-willed.

Battling financial pressure is common for students coming from low-income families, even with scholarships supporting them, university expenses and lodging can be really costly. Some even resort to having part-time jobs while studying in college. But despite all these hardships, the experience and motivation to excel more often than not help these students overcome poverty and be better citizens of the society.