Private companies in Japan investing in carbon-free technology

Japan’s use of coal as a source of energy has faced criticism over the past few years. However, private companies in Japan are leading the way in the fight against climate change. These companies are developing solutions that will be carbon-free and safe to use.

Tokyo continues to cling to its use of coal as one of its main source of energy. This has resulted in criticism in the ongoing United Nations Climate Conference over its continued use of coal and its unwillingness to give it. In fact, the latest reports from japan show that the government estimates that in 2030, around 26 percent of the total energy being used in Japan will be from coal.

Private companies representation in COP25

However, private companies from Japan are using the UN Climate Conference (COP25) to showcase some of their latest technologies that can make a carbon-free society possible. These private companies are highlighting their innovative solutions that will be able to compete with other renewable energy sources in the future.

Chiyoda, one of the company from japan attending the COP25, demonstrated and touted its hydrogen liquefaction and transport technology. The companies said it planned to use tanks to transport the hydrogen from Brunei to Japan. The transportation will begin next year, and it will involve a 12-month trial. The company also highlighted that it was working on technologies that would reduce the cost of operation of hydrogen technology to make it competitive with other energy sources.

Panasonic was also in attendance and unveiled its latest technology that was able to tap into excess electricity on power grids, which is then used to store hydrogen. Panasonic stated that this technology was safe to use at homes and would reduce the dependence of carbon dependent energy sources significantly.

Challenergy, a new startup from Japan, showcased its typhoon-proof wind turbine. These turbines will be able to withstand any weather and provide clean energy in the future.

Japan has faced criticism for its reluctance to suspends its coal programs. The Environmental Minister who spoke at the conference also did not address the issue nor make any pledges about Japan ever being coal independent. However, private companies’ initiative highlighted an important relationship between the private sector and the government in the fight against climate change.


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