Private schools are essential for the development of education in Nigeria

Private schools around Nigeria are outputting better results compared to public ones, according to educators.

According to Ms. Ann Oparah, these schools are more ambitious in providing quality training and education for their students, as they feel more pressure from parents as well, considering the tuition fees these schools receive yearly. 

Ms. Oparah has also stated that private schools strive for the best scores, and they give not ninety percent (90%), but a hundred and ten percent (110%) of their efforts in students and their academic success.

Sending students to private-owned schools is becoming more popular in Nigeria, as the gross domestic product of the country was on the rise since 2017.

Private schools and vocational education

The Nigerian government has many things to work out regarding the educational system in the country. Private schools and vocational education should become a more significant focus for officials. Private-funded schools do a great deal for boosting the country’s average results in terms of academic goals. Vocational education is aimed towards enhancing students’ practical skills.

According to Ms. Oparah, the government should focus on doing more to support private investors. Government aid can reduce the costs, and even provide schools with the opportunity to offer free education to the best-performing students.

Educators from private schools have also spoken out about the results of private-taught students and students from public schools. Country-wide examinations across all levels show that private-owned schools prepare their students better when it comes to standardized testing. 

These results should serve as an incentive for the government to boost programs aimed at providing better support for private schools and their faculty members.