Puzzling lung illness causes 6th death

On September 10, Kansas health officials revealed the emergence of a death related to an outbreak of a severe lung illness in the state. 

Expressly, it may be linked to e-cigarettes usage or vaping.This revelation can be classified as the sixth one to have emerged in the United States. 

Kansas resident succumbs to lung illness

Notably, the Kansas resident who died was at least fifty (50) years and had previously witnessed various health issues. This information was revealed in a news release by health officials as they were puzzled by the lung illness. 

Explicitly, it was asserted that the victim depicted symptoms that deteriorated fast. Nevertheless, the Kansas health officials stated that they were not sure of what the patient had used. 

Investigations carried out have not linked any particular e-cigarette product or vaping to the cases instigating the deaths

It has, however, been stipulated that many patients have reported to utilizing e-cigarettes or vaping comprising of liquids with cannabinoid products. They include THC, an active marijuana ingredient that makes someone high. 

Lung illness death worrying

The incident in Kansas becomes the fourth (4th) one to occur in an older or middle-aged person. Conversely, county officials in Los Angeles and Minnesota recently reported similar deaths of older individuals. 

Expressly, the case in Minnesota involved a patient aged more than sixty-five (65) years who had been admitted with a serious lung injury. 

In Oregon, health officials stipulated that the death of a middle-aged person was caused by a similar lung illness, whereby respiratory difficulties were witnessed. It was asserted that the victim had utilized an e-cigarette comprising of marijuana oil from a certain legal dispensary in late July. 

The puzzling lung illness had made health practitioners worried. As a result, they have decided to carry out thorough scrutiny of e-cigarette contaminants. 

Reports show that Vaping deaths, which was caused by a healthier alternative to smoking, are now a cause of concern

Since 2018, parents and school health department heads across the country have been worrying for their kids and students for their newfound love for vaping.