Qatar’s incredible educational breakthrough; SDG attained by commitment

Qatar’s incredible educational progress is founded on the actuality that the average schooling years in this nation have doubled in the last two years. Education is part of Qatar’s 2030 Strategic Development Goals or SDGs, and it has been attained ahead of time.

Qatar’s incredible educational breakthrough has been prompted by its commitment to making education accessible to everyone irrespective of a learner’s background. 

Qatar’s incredible educational prospects

According to Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed Al Nabit, the president of the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA), the doubling of the average schooling years in Qatar is an outstanding sign of how the education sector has succeeded.

Qatar’s incredible educational prospects also correlated with some of the statistics recorded in the nation’s health sector. For instance, life expectancy at birth has increased, whereas the maternal mortality rates have fallen. 

During a keynote speech at the Qatar Population Day, Al Nabit noted:

It means Qatar has achieved the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the fields of education and health ahead of time and has also achieved other goals related to other areas.

He also stipulated that the Human Development Index availed by the United Nations Development Program for 2018 placed Qatar at position 37 out of 189 nations globally. 

Qatar’s incredible educational achievements linked to modernization

Qatar’s incredible educational strides can be connected to the way the means of production are being modernized in this nation. This approach is pivotal in Qatar’s economic growth because it is rationalizing the recruitment of unskilled labor. 

Additionally, education is playing a pivotal role in enlightening the populace about the importance of reproductive health and women’s rights. 

Nevertheless, Al Nabit proclaimed that more efforts had to be incorporated so that one of the main challenges can be eliminated. The demographic imbalance has been a considerable problem in Qatar as it hinders the optimal realization of SDGs. 

On the other hand, China’s institutions for higher education are populated by approximately 500,000 international students as of recent data. The country is starting to emerge as one of the premier destinations for international students.

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