Quality and safety online course for Minnesota residents

The Anesthesiology Department at the University of Minnesota recently released a collaborative quality and safety online course intended for training Minnesota residents to become anesthesiologists and physician leaders. 

The Quality and Safety Online Course is ideal because residents considerably struggled with different modules. As a result, it became cumbersome for them to fit-in in the lectures offered based on their busy schedules.

Quality and safety online course permits interactions

The updated curriculum being offered in the online course will allow Minnesota residents to have constructive interactions and discussions among themselves.

 Additionally, they will be provided with the opportunity to consult with various medical experts at the university. This will be actualized through online chats. 

According to Joyce Wahr, an anesthesiology professor at the University of Minnesota, no formal quality resident education existed in 2016. 

However, she noted that it was advantageous that the quality and safety online course had been passed by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)

Wahr also asserted that ACGME was playing an instrumental role in ensuring that Minnesota residents were being equipped with the right skills. 

Quality and safety online course helpful to anesthesiology residents

The department’s objective of the online course is to train anesthesiologists among Minnesota residents. Additionally, physician leaders are to be developed as they will be pivotal in leading quality assurance programs at workplaces. 

Learners are provided with an ideal online course experience. As a result, the knowledge gained can enable them to enter private practice. 

The flipped-classroom style is also ideal because it ensures that learners can interact with each other and with the material in different weekly online discussions. 

On the other hand, online programs have emerged to be appealing to students at Illinois College as the enrollments at the College have reached a record high.

Illinois College has become more innovative by increasing the number of online programs it is offering. Some of the new areas covered include business management, agribusiness, and nursing.