Quality education definition: 75percent failed examinees ominous

Quality education definition goes with qualified teachers as implementors. UNICEF takes a broader perspective and demonstrates by this analysis that programs must encompass a broader definition involving learners, content, processes, environments, and outcomes.

In the search for quality education development, teachers need to be part of the equation. In a report, almost 75% of the contract-basis teachers in India fail to pass the recruitment examination required to become a teacher.

There are almost 70 thousand teaching seats in Delhi, the national capital, out of which, more than 30% is covered by the contract-basis teachers. In another report, teachers from Bihar who teach at the government schools fail to even score passing marks in the grade V exams.

Globally, World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on October 5. In India, it’s on the 5th of September, commemorating the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a world-renowned educationist. An old Indian saying goes which compares teachers to god, but the reality shows us a completely different picture.

There are parts in the country where education is spoiled by scams, cheating, copying, and bribery. The situation went to such an abyss that the Supreme Court decided to take charge of the situation.

Quality education definition still a hazy dream

The scams being unfurled for admission in the US are no different than Indian scams, which are yet to come to the light. National level exams like NEET, the national exam for entrance in government medical colleges, wasn’t neat as expected. Malicious proceedings, leaking the paper prior exams left the nation startled.

In 2009, the Right to Education Act was passed and later UNESCO adopted the theme in 2018 as the Right to Qualified Teacher. As the current situation of India goes, it is far away from realizing its full potential.

A famous American educationist, John Dewey said that an elected government in a democratic system will never work properly until and unless the leaders and the citizens are well educated.

In a child’s life, nothing is as important as its school and the quality of education he or she receives. That said, it is already assumed that the student has access to a well-qualified teacher. But today, we can not assume this factor.

The quality education definition lacks proper implementors in India. The report ‘Time to act: a costed plan to deliver quality education to every last refugee child’ sets out a realistic, global plan to ensure refugee children get to go to school. Save the children challenges governments and international agencies to deliver on the promises they have made with practical action.