Reading comprehension deteriorating in U.S. schools

Saddening news hit education officials in the U.S. Reading comprehension has been deteriorating and is affecting student performance.

What happened to the student’s reading comprehension skills?

Sad news hit education officials in America. The National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP) released its independent data survey commonly known as the “National Report card” for 2019, and it doesn’t look good for state education in the U.S.

For the last two years, 17 states showed a decrease in student achievement for fourth graders and another 31 states flanked in the eight graders category.

The NAEP is the largest national assessment body for the U.S. students in various subjects, primarily mathematics, reading, science, and writing.

There is no clear reason behind this drop of performance from U.S. students, but, the assumption is that it is due to lack of schools practicing reading fluency, inadequate school funding, and below-average resource persons.

Mississipi and Columbia

U.S schools must look into how Mississipi and Columbia are performing. Both areas gained positive scores in three out of four NAEP categories.

The education system in the two mentioned states gives priority to high academic standards, regular performance assessments, investment in high-quality talented teachers, and well-driven academic programs. Both states also set a generous budget in early childhood education.

In Mississipi, they have a Literacy-Based Promotion Act, it emphasizes reading comprehension skills. The act which was passed in 2013, gives priority in training teachers to be more well-rounded in literacy-related subjects.

The concept of Mississipi education is to start training children at an early stage. Elementary and middle school learning is the foundation of the students going into college.

The NAEP data is a perfect guide for states in determining the subjects their schools are vulnerable to. Finding your weakness gives you the advantage of having to strengthen and improve it. Schools in the U.S. must gradually bring back good reading comprehension in elementary and middle-schools. Reading sharpens the mind and makes space for more information to fill in.

A dull mind limits the amount of information the brain allows. The secret for a healthy mind is continuously sharpening it and reading is the best tool for it.