Region with the cleanest air on earth discovered

Scientists have discovered the South Ocean region to have the cleanest air on earth. The research was carried out by researchers from Colorado State University.

Human activities have been attributed to global climate change. The atmospheric impact of industrialization and other human activities such as air travel has caused air, land, and water pollution.

However, scientists from Colorado State University set out to see if there were areas that had not been impacted by human activities. In a research that was led by one of the best researchers in this field, Professor Sonia Kreidenweis, they found an area that had experienced zero impact on its air quality as a result of human activities.

The region with the cleanest air on earth

The bioaerosol composition of the Southern Ocean south of 40 degrees south latitude had no evidence of any human interaction with the atmosphere, making the region to have the cleanest air on earth. The researchers found there was no trace of aerosols produced by anthropogenic activities. There was also no aerosols transported from land to the region carrying pollutants to the region.

This research on the region with the cleanest air on earth was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

There was also a suspicion by Kreidenweis and her team that the South Oceanside may have one of the cleanest air on earth, however, there had been no research carried out in the area to find out if this suspicion was true.

The research scientist Thomas Hill, a co-author of the study, said they used bacteria over the South Ocean area as a diagnostic tool to ascertain the properties the lower atmosphere in the region was made of.

The research found that the aerosols found in the area were a result of the marine biological process. They also found that the area had been minimally affected by anthropogenic activities making the area have the cleanest air.

Featured image by Pixabay