High school education in Uganda gets $150 million World Bank boost

Ugandans are in joyful mood as high school education in Uganda gets $150 million World Bank boost. According to the premier financial institution, the funds would be concentrated on rural parts of the country.

In their official statement, the World Bank (WB) confirmed the loan. While stressing on the importance of the loan, WB noted that over one million learners are beneficiaries. The scheme called the Uganda Secondary Education Expansion Project will seek to better lives of rural children who wish to go to school.

With Uganda languishing behind in terms of financing education compared to its neighboring countries, this new fund will be a massive boost to the country.

High school education in Uganda boost to be used for 116 new secondary schools 

To kickstart the project, Uganda has confirmed that it plans on constructing about 116 new secondary schools in rural areas. Also, discussing the benefits that previously constructed schools will enjoy, the statement further said additional learning spaces would be built in schools that are already constructed.

According to the country’s education authorities, the scheme would further help the students and teachers while developing a conducive teaching and learning environment for both.

Tony Thompson, the financial institutions’ manager for Uganda, said that the country needs to exploit human capital in the nearest future, that’s why all efforts are being concentrated in the education aspect. Thompson added,

This move will help the Ugandan economy, its citizen, and further, develop the country’s economy.

He noted that as high school education in Uganda gets $150 million World Bank boost, it will benefit mostly rural schools and help upgrade education for the country as a whole.

Thompson said that the project aims to provide the basic things a student needs to thrive in school.

Uganda would begin to rival fellow countries in terms of finding education, World Bank says

World Bank noted that while Uganda is a leading Sub Saharan African country in the education aspect by enacting policies, funding education has been one of the major obstacles facing the country.

Going back five years, the budget allocated for education has been rapidly declining by cutbacks up to 10%. WB further said that while the allocation in Uganda has been steadily decreasing, sub-Saharan Africa has been improving around 16% and has witnessed growth since then.

In recent years, Uganda has enjoyed massive enrollment into the secondary education level, which has reached around 6 percent on average.

Despite the increase in enrollment, Uganda is still miles behind its fellow counterparts Kenya and Rwanda, which has witnessed 25% and 16% growth in the last few years.

As high school education in Uganda gets $150 million World Bank boost, it might soon give its neighbors a run for their money.