Dad blasts school for disallowing hooters facemask on 11 year old son

Greg Golbra is hitting out at teachers who directed his son to remove his hooters facemask. This was after his 11-year-old son was told that he could not wear the facemask without any explanation.

Ian was told by his teacher to remove the orange and white face covering by staff at Sunset Park Elementary School in Windermere, Florida.

Father’s defense of the hooters facemask

In an interview, the father indicated that he could not understand the reason why his son was not allowed to wear the facemask. He said that the mask did not contain any derogatory or offensive language, arguing that his son should not have been told to remove the hooters facemask.

Hooters is a popular restaurant in Florida, with a unique way of serving its patrons using a scantly-dressed waitress. The waitresses wear top white tank tops with the restaurant’s name written on them.

Ian indicated that he was also confused that his teachers would ask him to remove the mask. He asked the teacher why he was being told to remove the mask. However, the teacher could not give a clear answer telling the 11th grader that if he had an issue with the teacher’s order, he should take the matter to the principal.

Son’s resistance to mask removal

Ian, still confused about why he was being asked to remove the mask, decided to take the teacher’s offer and went to the principal’s office to inquire why he was being asked to remove the mask, especially during a pandemic.

The principal, also, did not give Ian a clear answer, telling him to take the mask off three more times before Ian finally complied. He said that he backed down and wore a second spare mask with different patterns that he had brought to school.

Ian’s dad, however, is still insistent that his son did not break any laws and was not required to remove the hooters facemask. He indicated that his son will be wearing the hooters face covering while going to school. However, he also cautioned his son to be more polite when asked to remove the mask.

The actions of the headmasters were deemed as reasonable by the school district’s spokesperson, who argued that he had the discretion for the decision he made.


Featured image by Pixabay