Reopening of classes in the Philippines: All set according to DepEd

DepEd expresses its readiness for the upcoming reopening of classes in the Philippines, three weeks from now.

Reopening of classes in the Philippines

Last July 31, DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones in a televised conference call with President Rodrigo Duterte, announced the full readiness of the agency to facilitate the reopening of classes in the Philippines this coming August 24.

According to Briones, the agency is now fully functional to proceed with the blended learning program as the reopening of classes in the Philippines draws near. Alternative learning mediums are being reinforced to make way for any difficulties that may arise during the course of the blended learning program.

We are ready for August 24.

DepEd Main recognizes the efforts made by DepEd Regional directors in adapting guidelines and alternatives fit for implementation in their particular areas to help assist in the overall success of the blended learning program.

Preparations for blended learning

Teachers have been trained for more than a month now on how to handle different modalities included in the blended learning program.

Brione believes that the department was successful in making students and parents understand that learning should continue despite the pandemic hitting the country. The secretary boasts of the 22.3 million enrollees for the school year 2020-2021.

These numbers are already above the expected enrollment turnaround rate of the agency which is at 80 percent.

Blended learning will push through for the school year not unless special guidelines from the President and the IATF allow physical classes to resume.