Concerns over the reopening of schools in Scotland

The government should provide better safety measures as the reopening of schools in Scotland commences soon.

Support over the reopening of schools in Scotland

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), the oldest and largest teachers union in Scotland is urging the government to come up with proper safety guidelines for teachers and students if they plan to pursue the reopening of schools in Scotland.

Head of EIS Larry Flanagan wrote a letter to the Ministry of Education Secretary John Swinney on rising concerns from teachers regarding the guidelines for the reopening of schools in Scotland.

The EIS is concerned that the reopening of schools in Scotland may trigger a rise in COVID-19 cases in the country, despite the successful efforts of the government to contain the transmission.

We acknowledge the success made by the government to supress the spread of COVID-19 in Scotland. But, we must not be complacent as the virus might still be lurking around, ready to strike back.

Guidelines before reopening schools

The teachers union has conducted a survey filled in by teachers and school administrators regarding safety concerns before schools reopen next week.

One of the most common concerns pointed out in the survey was about implementing strict social distancing measures.

Testing. The EIS would like teachers, school staff, and students to be tested upon the reopening of classes to ensure confidence that they are operating in a COVID-free group.

Social Distancing and class size. Since social distancing is one of the precautionary measures for COVID-19, smaller class sizes are encouraged. As to how smaller class sizes will be sorted out is still to be determined, it might be through shifting classes or alternating school days for students.

Sanitation. Proper budget allocation to supply schools with enough protective masks and sanitary materials to ensure the proper sanitation of all school facilities.

The vast spread of the virus in other countries is very alarming, which is why it is hard to take away the fear of teachers and parents when talking about the reopening of schools in Scotland.