Who is leading the bold revolution in education through blockchain?

Technology is evolving by the minute, and this rapid development is bringing a revolution in education through blockchain and distributed ledgers. Below are some of the most forward-thinking projects, which aim to better education by applying the principles of blockchain technology to its very essence.

The main benefit blockchain can bring to the table is its ability to optimize administration; however, there are many other aspects of education this technology is influencing. Education and blockchain technology also meet at the numerous college-level online courses available, which enhance student’s understanding of the main concepts behind this innovative technology.

Who is leading this revolution in education?

One of the main benefits of blockchain technology is smart contracts, which execute the terms of an agreement automatically. Companies like Appii, based in London, and Blockcerts, based in the United Staes, employ the power of smart contracts to automate the process of creating academic transcripts and school credentials.

Another beneficial function of smart contracts is the ability to share educational materials with ease and speed unmatchable to platforms available at the moment. Revolutionary educational platforms like Gilgamesh and ODEM employ the powers of blockchain technology to boost connectivity between students and teachers who want to share their knowledge and experience. 

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is another up-and-coming platform, which promotes blockchain technology development by encouraging students worldwide to build and create blockchain-based projects and share them with the BEN society.

All these companies are investing their focus and efforts to introduce improvements to both the way information is shared, and the way education is organized and administrated.