Rough road ahead for the UK education system

The United Kingdom (UK) education structure is expected to be integrated with policies that are deemed controversial and dramatic, which include free schools, cracking down on learners’ behaviors, and funding to the tune of billions of pounds.

This information was revealed by a briefing document depicted “Official-Sensitive” and dated August 22. 

Additionally, the statement also illustrated policy procedures to be integrated into schools in the UK. The roll-out is expected to happen before a probable autumn election. 

Controversial disciplinary actions in the UK classroom

Some of the proposals being presented entail disciplinary actions whereby teachers will be permitted to use reasonable force in the restoration of good conduct among learners. Moreover, exclusions are to be allowed.

There is a high probability that these measures will evoke different reactions from various quarters. For instance, they may be highly criticized, making them contentious.

On the other hand, the UK education system is expected to be funded with at least three and a half billion pounds (£3.5B). Furthermore, the basic pay for teachers will be increased. 

These proposals are being crafted at a time when the new school calendar in the UK is expected to begin. 

UK education system proposals

The package comprises of distinctive recommendations to be incorporated into the UK education system. 

They include school leaders being encouraged to ban or confiscate mobile phones. Additionally, headteachers will be provided with the powers to exclude pupils per new behavioral guidance. 

Free schools are also expected to be opened. By 2022, the teachers’ wages are expected to have increased to thirty thousand pounds (£30,000).

Schools maintained by the local authority are to be converted to academy level. Conversely, academy trusts are to be funded by twenty-four thousand pounds (£24,000) so that they can enhance struggling learning institutions. 

On the other hand, the document asserts that the UK government supports the idea of headteachers enhancing learners’ behavior and this may entail rewards and sanctions. Furthermore, reasonable force can be utilized in the restoration of sanity. 

Various concerns have been presented about the UK education system. For instance, UK stars recently asked the government to lay more emphasis on creative education because the number of enrollees to the courses were dwindling. 

Additionally, it has been stipulated that public schools in the UK are not materially and financially prepared to support learners with special education needs (SEN).