Rwandan education system: Global market appeal

Statistics have shown that the Rwandan education system is gearing towards being a global player. This has been triggered by the provision of quality education and nurturing of young leaders, among others.

The Rwandan education system has been elevated to an eye-catching status through government funding and incentives. It is, therefore, being favored by international students as they are getting value for money.

Rwandan education system seeks international status

Through the Ministry of Education, the Rwandan education system is being revamped so that it can meet the interests and needs of international students. 

For instance, international universities are being established in this nation so that they can fill the looming void.

The thriving Rwandan economy is another notable factor that is making the nation attractive to international students. 

For example, when Rahma Ahmed, a Somalia native, decided to enroll for a post-graduate program, Rwanda was the only destination that was in her mind.

She was marveled by the nation’s capability to promote its education sector. 

Ahmed is an IT and entrepreneurship student at Carnegie Mellon University in the US. She asserted that she was thrilled by the Rwandan opportunity as other international students had shared fascinating study experiences with her. 

Moreover, the students’ hospitality was exceptional, as well as diverse nationalities in higher learning institutions. 

Rwandan education system affordable

Ahmed also noted that the Rwandan education system was affordable. This aspect made her more interested in furthering her studies in this nation. 

She acknowledged that after weighing her options, she found out that higher education Rwanda was way cheaper compared to counterparts in this region. She was amazed by the actuality that it was almost free for nationals and international students alike. 

According to Drice Michaella Ingabire, an alumni of Nu-Vision Cambridge School, the Rwandan education system gives every learner an equal opportunity irrespective of background. 

This includes children of farmers from low-income and remote households. As a result, it has become appealing to international students. 

Tuition costs extremely appealing

The Rwandan education system has been incorporating substantial efforts to cut the red tape based on its surging reputation of being an education and research hub for international students. 

Additionally, the Rwanda Scholarship Criteria for university students has made scholarship funds readily available. As a result, tuition cost has become extremely appealing to international students. 

On the other hand, various African countries are making incredible progress in propelling their education systems. 

For example, the introduction of Ghanian sex rights education is set to transform this nation’s system. This approach is being made so that students can be conscientized about their reproductive health and sexual rights. 

Furthermore, on September 26, the African Development Bank (AfDB) announced it would offer South Sudan a grant worth $17.7M to propel its basic education