$11.6 billion estimated fund for the safe reopening of schools

An estimate of an average of $1.2 million made by the Federation of teachers in the US said that this fund is required for the safe reopening of schools in America to get back amidst coronavirus.

It has been estimated that $ 116.5 is the total cost that will be incurred coming fall to re-open schools. These funds will cater to the millions of children across the states whose schools were shut down due to COVID 19 and will aid in the safe reopening of school.

House of Representatives supports the safe reopening of schools in the US 

Recently,  the House of Representatives passed a COVID 19 fund of $100 billion to support the safe reopening of schools even at higher education levels. However, the Republicans have indicated that they`ll not sign the proposed $3 trillion instead they`ll sign the $2 trillion package coming March. 

The chair of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten said that the situation is so alarming and that the estimation was made by all teachers at their union.

Randi Weingarten said:

We discussed ways that will help in the safe reopening of schools coming fall and that money is key. Pupils and teachers could use this support and it`ll help in reviving the economy. If this money won`t be given to all the schools then they won`t reopen.

Schools remove in-person lessons this fall

The breakdown the cost estimates after analyzing is an amount of $1.2 million is needed for schools thus $2,500 per pupil. This will help in the safe reopening of schools in America.

This cost estimation arose after the officials were to have a  Senate hearing as scheduled coming Wednesday. They`ll take this time to discuss the safe reopening of schools in the US.

Other Officials concluded safe reopening of school districts will force them to incur costs that they had not budgeted for an amount of nearly $2 million is required so that schools can comply with the safety measures put in place for its safe reopening. This cost estimate has led to schools removing in-person lessons this fall.

The  Teachers Union have closely analyzed the money and those funds will be for medical staff and cleaning staff, transport, medical supplies, distance learning, personal protective equipment for kids, instructional staff and also academical support

Further details indicate that $36 million is for academic support, this is especially for pupils who have humble backgrounds, an additional cost of $10 billion for transport, and $35 million for the instructional staff.

Schools evidently need federal resources

Randi explained that despite Congress estimating $13.5 billion that will aid and support the safe reopening of schools amidst coronavirus, she says that most schools need federal resources to initiate the safe reopening of schools.

Teacher`s unions have requested $175 billion to not only pay for personal protective equipment but also for things like cleaning supplies. This additional cost estimate will help avoid lay off of more than 200, 000 teachers, due to the cutting of budgets in order to provide internet to millions of kids who are at home.

Congress has so far acted disinterested despite an appeal from lawyers and both accepting the fact that indeed the schools have to reopen for the economy to open and so action needs to be done for the safe reopening of schools.

Weingarten said that they`ll have a huge effect on children and the country’s economy if they`re not funded.  She also said that the projections made are the necessary support needed. She said that she’s rather concerned as to why the White House or Senate have not started negotiations that support the safe reopening of schools.