Scholarship, free car awarded to a young man who cleaned after protesters in NY

A young New Yorker has received a full college scholarship, a free car, and a one-year car insurance policy after he went viral for cleaning up his city.

Protests across the US have intensified following the Killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department. New York has also experienced a fair share of the protests, which has sometimes left the city trashed.

An 18-year-old New Yorker, realizing the littering problem after a protest, decided to clean up his city after a night of violent protests and trashing. Antonio Gwynn Jr cleaned up Bailey Avenue in Buffalo City for 10 hours and his actions did not go unnoticed.

Free car awarded to Gwynn

Local media started reporting on the clean up challenge the 18-year-old had undertaken on June 1st. By June 4th, Matt Block had already seen the clip of the young man cleaning up the city and made a pledge to the young man to get him a free car.

ABC-affiliate WKBW reported that the young man was offered a 2004 red convertible Ford Mustang by Block after seeing the moving story on local media. Block said he had received the car from his late mother, and he felt this was a good way of paying it forward by giving it for free to the young man.

On his Facebook post, Block was pictured with Gwynn where he captioned that Gwynn had received the car.

Car insurance and scholarship awarded

The awards did not stop there, however, for the young man. After receiving a free car, another volunteer, Bob Briceland, decided to buy him one-year car insurance. He said he felt compelled to take a step in bringing the city together and commended the young man for his action.

Gwynn’s would also result in a full scholarship to Medaille College in Buffalo City. On receiving the news of the scholarship, Gwynn said he was happy and it had always been his passion to study business and mechanics which would propel him to open his own repair car repair shop in the future.


Featured image by Pixabay