School hate crimes arise to 50% due to LGBT+ equality protests

A data revealed indicated that school hate crimes behind the closed doors of educational premises escalated to fifty percent (50%) within a year affecting the many due to LGBT+ equality lessons protests within the West Midlands county.

It rises from social biases such as the released “homophobic” footage and a mail sent to police which was summarized the entire contents as “Islamophobic.”

The “homophobic” video clip was traced from a social media application called WhatsApp while the anti-Islam message was uncovered from Anderton Park Primary School in Birmingham, England.

West Midlands police are taking measures by sifting through the vast number of videos and photos with related content such as the late Birmingham primary school’s protest.

The data poses that intervention from the government is necessary to appease the increasing worry of the masses in regards to hate crime. 

Settling the school hate crime and disorder

In the phase of complaints in heed to LGBT+ teaching lessons, police reports indicated that within the West Midlands district has at least doubled the hate crime figure. 

The Anderton Park School Head, Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, mentioned to The Independent, that the figures should not be the only thing to be scrutinized upon and the true measure of the mishap it imparts might be even in a greater scale as she said:

I think it is time to look at what hate crime actually means.”

The revealed data about school hate crimes have only included teens aged 17 and under. This pertains that outside the report scope such as teachers and parents were not counted and left unverified. 

The deputy lead of the county’s police force, Chief Inspector Tony Morriss, told that it is not fully determined on why school hate crimes drastically rises within just a year. In spite of the uncertain situation, he declared that the police will partake and “take action” to resolve the issue:

“What we do know is that there is a far greater awareness and understanding that it won’t be tolerated, and that police will take action.”

This is one of the few late incidents and protests that happened to express the public outcry in regards to the education field. Far-right criticisms and social conflicts might seem a tad minor at first. But when if it’s left alone and not properly admonished, it might spark into more pressing matters and grow out of control that may cause turbulence and disorder that affect the society such as school hate crimes.

With all of the noises going on, what do you think will draw out as the result?