School’s staff and students in Singapore are functioning at 90% amid COVID-19

Only ten percent of the school’s staff and students in Singapore are left at home quarantine related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Students in Singapore still reporting to class

With less than ten percent of the students in Singapore being held in quarantine, the Ministry of Education is happy to announce the effectiveness of the government’s plan in containing the spread of COVID-19 in the country. In addition, the number of school staff available to report for work can still manage to look over the students at school.

Liew Wei Li, director of the Ministry of Education, confirmed that a 14-day quarantine period would be imposed for students and school staff that traveled during the holidays in March. School staff involves everyone on all school levels and those under SEND institutions.

Quarantine period

In a statement from the Minister of Education, Ong Ye Kung, the government had a stable grip over the COVID-19 outbreak early in March. When the holidays commenced, many families started to travel to different regions, provinces, and other cities.

We weree very cautious in picking out possible cases of COVID-19 in our country, we even had travel restrictions imposed to filter the arrival of possiblee virus carriers. But, the March holiday puts on another burden on our fight to restrain COVID-19.

For now, the MOE’s action to narrow down the risk of transmission is to put every student and school staff who traveled during the holidays in a mandatory 14-day quarantine. The National School Games are still postponed because of the developing scenario.

For the students in Singapore that will be under the moratorium, schools will provide online learning options for them to cope up with the current lessons. As for schools with staff under LOA, the ministry will do its best to fill in the holes to make schools function as usual.


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