School uniforms are a big expense for families in the United Kingdom

While school uniform expenses have been a big issue for families in the United Kingdom for several years now, the price for a full kit continues to rise. 

According to recent statistics, the average cost of a school uniform for the upcoming school year will hit three hundred pounds (GBP 300). Many families across the country are expressing concerns that this is a price that disrupts their budget.

Parents have said that sometimes they have to delay paying their rent or utility bills, as children cannot be allowed in the school without their uniform. This wave of discontent among parents was noticed by Tori leaders four years ago; however, no measures have been taken yet.

The British government and school uniforms

The recent spike in parent complaints has urged the Labour party to press their opposition, the Tories, and ask them to fulfill their promise from several years ago.

According to Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner, the Department of Education has brought up the problem of school uniforms on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, there have been no measures introduced by the government in terms of reducing the cost of school attire. 

Ms. Rayner has added that ministers are making up excuses by saying that there are not enough parliamentary sessions during which to bring up problems like uniforms.

While the ministers cannot find the time to discuss the problem, parents are increasingly worried about school costs. Discontent with the price of school uniforms is not their only concern. 

Summer holiday expenses and education budget cuts are also making families worried, as their monthly spendings need to accomodate higher school costs than ever before.