Schools reopening in California gets the boost from parents and students

In a somewhat surprising turn, students and parents kick against the lockdown imposed on schools and urge the Governor for schools reopening in California.

Governor Gavin Newsom had announced Thursday that most Southern California counties will not be allowed to reopen campuses this fall unless conditions improve. The next day, students and parents marched and chanted, ‘Back in school, back in sports.’

Before the protest, officials in charge of activities in Hawaii and a few other states blatantly said they would prefer if schools were open for in-person learning.

Students and parents protest over schools reopening in California after Governor’s order

With protest over schools reopening in California and states across the US, Texas is among the three states that have decided not to go ahead with the opening of schools for the new session.

According to the Iowa governor, Kim Reynolds, she stopped schools from having just one day for students to appear in school for learning physically. Recall that she noted recently that schools must learn and adapt to ways to Maximize the number of days students would appear in the school. 

Talking about the new school session, the governor said, Our major obligation is to look for ways to get students in the state back to school. According to happenings around the world, we have braced up for a new type of school session, so we want to make students safety our priority.

According to Reynold, schools must allow students to come to the school for at least half of the week. Last week Friday, the number of people in the state who have tested positive for the virus reached 38,000, with 780 casualties recorded.

Experts say schools can open under strict health guidelines

Friday witnessed one of the largest students’ parents crowds as they both kicked against the governor’s decision to keep schools shut. The majority of the crowd was said to have stayed around Foothill High school, which is located in the state.

A day before the protest, the governor had said to reporters that the possibility of schools resuming was slim. The bone of contention of the protest was a safe reopening of schools across the state.

With the parents and students starting the protest over schools reopening in California, the governor might be tempted to grant them their wishes. Experts have noted that, like their other counterparts in other states and countries, the school officials can draw up safe health guidelines that would guide the students. The priority will be the students’ safety, and the schools should be able to provide them with adequate protective equipment.

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