Scientists discover new mineral in Australia

A team of scientific researchers has announced the discovery of a new mineral, just near the ditch of a small road in Australia. The road leads up to a former gold rush town called Wedderburn. 

Historically, in 1951, scientists detailed the discovery fo the Wedderburn meteorite, a small rock formation, just about the size of a fist. Ever since 1951, scientists have been trying to identify the meteorite and its composite parts, with little to no success.

Just this week, a breakthrough in the analysis of this meteorite was announced. According to the scientific team behind the analysis, the meteorite is composed of a newly discovered mineral, which was not known to human science prior to this instance. The mineral was given the name Edscottite.

New minerals and space exploration

Space exploration has been a major goal for decades, and ever since the first successful landing on the Moon, more missions and research tasks have been created.

Despite the increased interest in space, there are so many inexplicable events and findings that scientists are yet to make sense of.

The discovery of the new mineral Edscottite is a step forward in scientific research and brings humanity one step closer to uncovering the secrets of space. 

According to scientists, the strange red rock was once part of the core of another planet in space. Since the analysis of the new mineral was performed by numerous scientific teams, only about thirty percent (30%) of the original remain in tact. The rest of the rock was cut up and sent out to different laboratories for detailed analysis.