Scrap final year exams for final year students in India, UGC panel recommends

Final year exams for final students should be scrapped according to a report by UGC. The report recommended universities to use internal exams and for previous years to assess the students.

University Grants Commission (UGC) panel has recommended to the government to scrap the final year exams for senior students. The recommendations come amidst coronavirus pandemic in the country, which has resulted in shutting down of economy, schools and businesses.

India is among the countries that have implemented some form of restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus after it went into a full lockdown about two months ago. Students had to be sent home to ensure their safety and curb the spread of the virus in the country.

The lockdown meant that schools had to find an alternative to continue with their education. They adopted online learning, which has had major issues, among them, lack of access to these platforms due to lack of resources and internet connections. As the school year ends and students start planning for their graduation, the question on how to evaluate final years for their graduation has become a tough decision to make.

Final year exams scrapping recommendation

To solve this problem, the UGC committee has recommended that the government, all universities and colleges should scrap final year exams for final year students across the country. The continued by saying, after scrapping the exams, schools will use results from previous years and internal exams and evaluations during their final year to grade the students.

The committee, which was formed by the Higher Educaiton regulator and headed by Haryana University vice-chancellor R C Kuhad, has said the exams scheduled for July could not be held due to the rising cases in the country.

The committee also said that students who will not be happy after scrapping the final year exams for final year students can still wait out the coronavirus and sit for exams. These recommendations, if approved, will be used by over 40 central universities countrywide, and hundreds of private universities and colleges.


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